Total Wealth View

Challenge: You have assets in a number of different entities, such as partnerships and trusts, and have assets that are not easily “recorded” at brokerage firms or banks—illiquid assets such as personal real estate and art. Some of the assets are “yours” and some are now for your children or grandchildren. Additionally, some of the entities have liabilities to other entities. How do you know what you have and its value?

Solution: We can customize a reporting system for you that aggregates all of the information across all of your assets, entities and your family members, delivering a timely, accurate view into your total wealth. As a result, you have consolidated information at your fingertips that supports deeper, more purposeful conversations with your advisors and family.

Trust Administration

Challenge: You have a number of trusts and administering them requires a deep understanding of complex issues and attention to detail. Failing to administer a trust properly can create tax liabilities or other issues.

Solution: We understand the critical role a trust plays in serving a family and have a team of seasoned trust administrators who efficiently coordinate and implement trust operations to ensure tax and legal compliance. As a result, you have peace of mind from reducing your liabilities.

Estate Modeling

Challenge: The impact of estate and gift taxes on wealth spanning generations. For example: how much will your children or grandchildren receive and with what freedoms and protections; should you be doing more planning; and what are the potential liabilities of changing laws on the transfer of wealth?

Solution: We understand estate and gift taxes and can project their impact on the flow of wealth from generation to generation. Additionally, we understand the need to ensure your family has both the benefit of this wealth and the structures to protect it. As a result, your legacy has greater impact and lasts longer for future generations.

Financial Reporting

Challenge: You have investments across different managers. Each one wants to know what the other is doing in an effort to manage a greater percentage of your assets. At the same time, you want a mechanism to see a total view into your investment performance, but do not want to share that single perspective with all of your managers.

Solution: We can aggregate of all of your investment data across all of your managers and deliver a timely, accurate and consolidated view of all your investments across all your managers. As a result, your wealth data is transformed into actionable information to better inform your decision-making.

Bill Pay

Challenge: The endless stream of bills—even if some are recurring, many of them require knowledge about the trust or other entity that is involved. Doing this right is time-consuming, burdensome and, not executed correctly, can create tax inefficiency, among other issues.

Solution: We have the deep resources to manage the complexity of bill paying, the knowledge to understand ownership structures and potential tax consequences, and the systems to provide transparency into payment and tax histories for your accountants and other advisors. As a result, you are able to focus on what is most important to you.

Managed Security Services

Challenge: You are concerned about online privacy, confidentiality and security. With ever-increasing threats from around the world, you question the ability of the people, systems and processes designed to protect you and your family to keep pace.

Solution: We can manage the entire online security governance process from risk assessment to the implementation and continual vigilance of critical systems. As a result, you are able to have greater peace of mind knowing you and your family are securely protected.